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                 hakespeare penned the adage "discretion is the greater part of valor".       


However, whoever designed the 70-200mm telephoto lens I schlep around clearly had no taste for the classics. Discretion is antithetical to its very essence. It's massive and heavy and if wielded carelessly, it could give someone a pretty good wallop when trying to follow

a moving subject. There is no hiding it, and much like electrons, people behave much differently when being observed. To my delight, many people unfurl and play with the camera. Others are instantly skeptical. Each time the shutter closes, an exchange between myself and the subject is made. I took something, undoubtedly and audaciously - not from them, but with them. A moment that would have otherwise been lost to non-being now lives on as photons frozen into form for as long as I can keep ahead of the entropy nipping at my heels.


Shooting this way makes me uncomfortable. For that reason, it's one of my favorite mediums.


These are those photos.

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