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glistening pool was alighted upon by a beautiful young man.

He knelt at its edge and gazed deeply upon his reflection in the water. He sat and stared for hours until he could no longer sense the bounds of where he ended and it began. The pool held the young man's gaze and

for the first time, it was able to see its own beauty reflected in his eyes. A profound feeling of love welled up from the young man's heart and rolled down his cheeks as tears. And in the spot where those tears fell, yellow flowers grew.


Reflections have power.


When I step over the shallow channels innervating the beach of Puget Sound at low tide, I see something reflected tooI see the indelible mark we’ve made on every ecosystem that this planet boasts. I see a desperate need for the reframing of old stories and for the spinning of new ones. I see a supplication to look beyond the surface.


I see a pool waiting to be loved, completely. 

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