"Lauren Farrah Plays
Lean Rock & Roll"

It's a sound built upon melody and muscle, full of electric guitars, stomping percussion, and the punch and plea for her voice. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, Farrah is a singer-songwriter who reaches far beyond her city's country roots, carving out a sound that touches on everything from boozy, barroom soul to amplified folk.

The music began during a childhood spent on the move. Farrah spent those early years shuttling herself between temporary homes in the Bible Belt and the Southwest. One parent lived in Tennessee, the other lived in Arizona, and Farrah logged time in both areas, changing schools often and always feeling like a bit of an outsider. Music was the only constant presence during a time of shifting scenery, and she clung to it, singing her first harmonies during church service and, later, learning about vocal phrasing from her mom's jazz records. 

Farrah sings songs about love, loss, lust, and everything in between, finding inspiration in a life that's included time spent in the armed services, miles covered during a hitchhiked road trip to California, hearts mended and broken, and characters met across the entire width of the U.S. Her songs are full of Telecasters, twang, crunch, and crooned melodies, creating a landscape as wide as the one Farrah has spent her entire life traveling. The road goes on forever.


-Andrew Leahey, Rolling Stone Country Contributor

Performing Live 2.8.18 at The Basement